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Relation d'un voyage d'exploration au nord-est de la Colonie du Cap de Bonne-Espérance, Entrepris dans le mois de mars, avril et mai 1836, par MM. T. Arbousset et F. Daumas, missionnaires de la Société des Missions évangeliques de Paris
Arbousset, Thomas and Bertrand, Arthus


The Kafirs Illustrated and series of drawings taken among the Amazulu, Amaponda, and Amakosa Tribes: also, portraits of the Hottentot, Malay, Fingo, and other races inhabiting Southern Africa: together with sketches of landscape scenery in the Zulu countr
Angas, George French


Narrative of an Exploratory Tour to the Nort-East of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. By the Revs. T. Arbousset and F. Daumas, of the Paris Missionary Society
Arbousset, Thomas and Brown, John Crumbie


The Annals of Natal: 1495 to 1845. Vol 2.
Bird, John


The Annals of Natal: 1495 to 1845. Vol 1.
Bird, John


Incidents of Missionary Enterprise; illustrative of the progress of Christianity in heathen countries, and of the researches, sufferings, and adventures of missionaries
Bonar, Andrew R.


A Grammar of the Kafir Language
Boyce, W. B


The Zulu People As They Were Before the White Man Came
Bryant, A T.


Zulu medicine and medicine - men
Bryant, A. T.


Bantu Origins
Bryant, A.T


A History of the Zulu and Neighbouring Tribes
Bryant, A.T.


Olden Times in Zululand and Natal containing Earlier Political History of the Eastern-Nguni Clans.
Bryant, A.T.


A Zulu-English Dictionary: With Notes on Pronunciation.
Bryant, A.T.


Travels in the interior of Southern Africa. Vol. 2
Burchell, William John


Sifuna Umlando Wethu (We Are Looking for Our History): Oral Literature and the Meanings of the Past in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Buthelezi, Mbongiseni


Nursery tales, traditions and histories of the Zulus, in their own words, with a translation into English and notes
Callaway, Canon The Rev.


Nursery tales, traditions and histories of the Zulus, in their own words, with a translation into English and notes
Callaway, Canon, The Rev.


The Religious System of the Amazulu Izinyanga Zokubula; or, Divination, as existing among the Amazulu, in their own words with a translation into English, and notes by The Rev. Canon Callaway, M.D.
Callaway, Henry


Mes souvenirs
Casalis, Eugène


Working Translation French to English of: Notice biographique sur la vie, la conversion et la mort de Manoah, membre de l'église de Thaba-Bossiou, chez les Béchuanas-Bassoutos (Afrique Méridionale)
Casalis, Eugène

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