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Certain of the uploaded items date back to the nineteenth century or earlier, and users of the site are alerted to the fact that some make use of terminology and naming conventions that may be offensive.


The [K***rs] Illustrated and series of drawings taken among the Amazulu, Amaponda, and Amakosa Tribes: also, portraits of the Hottentot, Malay, Fingo, and other races inhabiting Southern Africa: together with sketches of landscape scenery in the zulu coun
Angas, George French


Relation d'un voyage d'exploration au nord-est de la Colonie du Cap de Bonne-Espérance, Entrepris dans le mois de mars, avril et mai 1836, par MM. T. Arbousset et F. Daumas, missionnaires de la Société des Missions évangeliques de Paris
Arbousset, Thomas


Narrative of an Exploratory Tour to the Nort-East of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. By the Revs. T. Arbousset and F. Daumas, of the Paris Missionary Society
Arbousset, Thomas and Brown, John Crumbie


The [K***r] Language
Ayliff, John


The last Zulu King: the life and death of Cetshwayo
Binns, Charles Theodore


The Annals of Natal: 1495 to 1845. Vol 1.
Bird, John


The Annals of Natal: 1495 to 1845. Vol 2.
Bird, John


The library of his excellency Sir George Grey, K. C. B. Philology. Vol. I. - Part I. South Africa (Within the limits of British Influence)
Bleek, Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel


Compartive Grammer of South African Languages
Bleek, Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel


Incidents of Missionary Enterprise; illustrative of the progress of Christianity in heathen countries, and of the researches, sufferings, and adventures of missionaries
Bonar, Andrew R.


A Grammar of the [K***r] Language
Boyce, W.B


Framing African women: visionaries in southern Africa and their photographic afterlife, 1850· 2004
Bradford, Helen


The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Southern Africa: Being an Account of Their Medicinal Uses, Chemical Composition, Pharmacological Effects and Toxicology in Man and Animal
Breyer-Brandwijk, Maria G., Watt, John M.


u-Tol' Ixalanga ngo "Nongqause"
Brownlee, Charles


Zulu medicine and medicine - men
Bryant, A. T.


History of the Zulus. 17, The story of the neighbouring clans - The Tongas. III
Bryant, Alfred Thomas


History of the Zulus. 4. The Bantu.
Bryant, Alfred Thomas


History of the Zulus. 7. Discovery of the Bantu - by the Portuguese. II
Bryant, Alfred Thomas


Imiteto Yokupila. Ezinye izinto ezonayo ukupila kwomuntu. I.
Bryant, Alfred Thomas


Imiteto yenkambo neyentliziyo
Bryant, Alfred Thomas

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