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The Additional Resources hosted by the FHYA contains a wide range of resources relevant to the period and region covered by the FHYA.

It comprises published and unpublished material in a variety of media about the repositories, collections, and individual archival items on the FHYA. It includes resources that make use of the archival items and that deal with comparative materials. The components of the Additional Resources have been uploaded by the FHYA as well as by registered users of the site who may be representatives of institutions, professional researchers or members of the public. Registered users may not upload any material for which they do not own the copyright or which is not yet out of copyright. Registered users may upload items conventionally regarded as primary materials, such as recordings of interviews, photographs or digital copies of original documents provided that they have the necessary permissions.

The Additional Resources thus holds both items conventionally regarded as secondary materials and as primary materials. The Additional Resources does not deploy this distinction in how it organises the materials, treating both types as archival items produced at a particular place and time. The FHYA deliberately positions the Additional Resources as a repository alongside other repositories to underscore this point.

Items uploaded by the FHYA to the Additional Resources are curated by the FHYA in that the FHYA makes decisions about what to upload and adds descriptive metadata. Registered users make decisions about what they wish to upload and are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible in the 'description' section of their upload, as the more information and detail, the more useful the resource is likely to be.

Items uploaded by registered users of the site are not subjected to further curation by the FHYA. The order of all of the material in the Library, as presented on AtoM is random. Users can use the search function to look for specific resources or to look for specific terms.

Certain of the uploaded items date back to the nineteenth century or earlier, and users of the site are alerted to the fact that some make use of terminology and naming conventions that are not acceptable in the twenty-first century.

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Material contributed by members of the public

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